Plymouth Owners Club Plates - E&E

Excluding Tax
Stock Status: 1 pcs
These plates were display plates for Plymouth cars. Both plates are in excellent condition with no boltholes, no warping, a couple of small spots of paint loss on the upper center of one plate and around the lower left hand corner of the other plate. No damage is noticeable from more than five feet away (unless you have a telescope). 

These plates will look great on your next muscle car project or hanging on your wall, if you are an especially large fan of Plymouth automobiles. I couldn't find any reference to a previous pair, so they are prices conservatively for a faster sale. 

This license plate is over three (3) years old and is legal for resale. You are responsible for checking with the appropriate authority (state of issue DMV or DOT) to see if the plate can be reused. We are not responsible if the license plate(s) are not allowed to be reused. Please check with your area DMV to ensure that these plates are cleared for reuse.
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