1992 Michigan Civic Event License Plate - E

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If there was a mint plate that was ever used, this is it. Unfortunately, ALPCA lists "Mint" plates as, "Unused plate, or one having no visible marks of usage, in original condition. No rust, fading, or deterioration of any kind. Often found in original envelope." This plate was never mounted, there are no boltholes, the sticker is in almost perfect shape, and there is only a tiny amount of paint loss, but no scratches or scrapes. There is also very light smudging on the final digit in the sequence ("5"). Otherwise, this plate is mint.

This plate will be awesome on your pickup, parade float, or on your wall to commemorate the awesome Michigan Civic Event of 1992.  

This license plate is over three (3) years old and is legal for resale. You are responsible for checking with the appropriate authority (state of issue DMV or DOT) to see if the plate can be reused. We are not responsible if the license plate(s) are not allowed to be reused. Please check with your area DMV to ensure that these plates are cleared for reuse.
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