1974 Colorado License Plates - G&G

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These plates have a combination of the 1973 and 1972 Colorado License Plate designs. They have "Colorful" written along the top and they also have the mountain ridge above the lettering. The coolest part is that they have retro-reflective paint. The rich green will light right up when shined upon (check out the last photo). 

There is a little damage to one plate. It is corroded around the lower, left-hand border and the paint is scuffed, though not scuffed through the paint. There are little spots where the upper coat of green is chipped (no spots are bigger than 3/8"). The other plate is also on the better side of a "good" condition rating. There is minor scuffing on the top edge and a couple of spots of paint loss, though none bigger than 3/8". They are flat, unbent, and without any creases. Both plates are corroded on the edge and lightly on the back. 

These will look great on a restored or non-restored truck or car. As a marker (because of their retroreflective capacity), these will blend right into the trees and background until headlights hit them. They are awesome and will look great posted on a vehicle or a wall.  

This license plate is over three (3) years old and is legal for resale. You are responsible for checking with the appropriate authority (state of issue DMV or DOT) to see if the plate can be reused. We are not responsible if the license plate(s) are not allowed to be reused. Please check with your area DMV to ensure that these plates are cleared for reuse.
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