1964 Connecticut License Plate - F

Excluding Tax
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This plate has an awesome look, but it has seen better days. This is almost a place holder, but it is in a little better shape. It looks like one of David Letterman's old plates from when he was driving so fast that he could peel a plate's the paint off.

There is heavy discoloration and and huge bottom bolt holes. There is bending, but no creasing. There is also a light corroded crack beneath the first and second end.

This license plate is over three (3) years old and is legal for resale. You are responsible for checking with the appropriate authority (state of issue DMV or DOT) to see if the plate can be reused. We are not responsible if the license plate(s) are not allowed to be reused. Please check with your area DMV to ensure that these plates are cleared for reuse.
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